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About us

EvoBreyta is an amalgamation of "Evo" and "Breyta", giving rise to an organization that embodies evolution and transformation. A platform bringing experience, expertise, and excellence to your doorstep, EvoBreyta serves to provide end-to-end solutions to all your questions in the tax and digital transformation sphere.

It is founded by Navneet, along with his partners, Parvesh, Ram, and Pankaj, to make up a team of more than 40 experts with 20+ years of experience. Offering all its clients a treasure trove of knowledge, Evobreyta's presence spans all over India including major metropolitan regions such as Delhi NCR and Bangalore. With a focus on client-based customized solutions, the following are its services:

  • - Tax Planning
  • - Assessment
  • - Litigation
  • - International Tax
  • - Transfer Pricing
  • - Tax & Finance Technology
  • - Policy Advocacy
  • - Audit

At EvoBreyta, we are driven by our unwavering commitment to excellence and innovation as we strive to foster lasting relationships with our clients and partners. Together, we are building a brighter future, one breakthrough at a time. Join us on this incredible journey and experience the power of EvoBreyta.

This is our about us, we hope you love us!

Our Mission

We wish to make consistent initiatives in enhancing our capabilities and to seek ways to equip ourselves to achieve leadership status and relentlessly serve the ever-increasing needs of diversified customers by upgrading the quality of our people and technological infrastructure.

Our Vision

We wish to be the foremost Professional Tax Services Business Consulting firm with the highest ethical standards that delivers exceptional value for our customers, our employees, our communities and our partners with quality services and ongoing innovations across all spheres of service. We will accomplish our Vision through our eternal commitment to strategic growth, outstanding service, and community involvement.

Our Values

Deliver Excellence

We uphold highest standards of performance and take pride in delivering high quality, cutting edge outputs that are bettered each time. We believe in dedicating time and energy for staying ahead of the curve on latest know-how/developments in the external world. Our teams challenges thought process in order to stretch minds and build capabilities.

Maintaining integrity with all our stakeholders

We align with our stakeholders in thinking, behavior, words & actions. We shares all relevant facts in a judicious manner with the right stakeholder at the right time and stands by one's word no matter what - is seen as credible and dependable person. We share constructive inputs with others to enhance their capability and widen their perspective

Relationship Centric

We believe in nurturing deep, equal, respectful and trusted relationships and build deep trust, mutual respect and personal connect with stakeholders. We align our teams with a long-term view, nurtures relationships over time, enjoys credibility and goodwill of others. We are attuned to the overall mood and morale of people and takes initiative to create fun and energy in the work place and celebrate small wins


We are tuned to create A-ha moments with innovative ideas, solutions and approach. Our teams challenge status quo and relentlessly seeks new and better solutions by referring to new and varied sources of know-how and opinions from others. We are enthusiastic about new initiatives and events in the firm and volunteers to support them.

Value Adding

We believe in proactively adding value on a consistent basis. We are focused on adding value to all stakeholders by keeping long term client interests in mind – admired by key stakeholders as a "thought leader". We believe in pursuing tasks with energy and drive despite obstacles and setbacks. Looks for solutions when faced with problems and seeks support


We take ownership of what we do. We believe in building credibility and equal partnership by demonstrating ownership E.g., 24 hour follow up note, always being on top of things, consistent delivery and quality, assertive and candid communication.